How to Prep for Fantastic Getting Ready Wedding Day Photos

Tips for unforgettable bridal prep images

We’ve all spent way too much time swooning over gorgeous wedding images as we flip through pages of magazines or scroll through Pinterest. While your Pinterest boards are probably busting with beautiful images, I want to take a moment to help your photographer achieve unforgettable getting ready images that others will be pinning.

Groom getting ready in Indianapolis Hotel Room

The Light

Really, I could make this pretty short and sweet. Step 1. Choose a room with lots of gorgeous natural light. The End.

Ok, so while that may be marginally helpful. I know that’s not always feasible nor is it all together helpful. However, the absolutely the best way for us to make beautiful getting ready pictures for you is to have a good location to work with, and that means the more natural light, the better. Of course a beautiful room is always a bonus.

Often, churches have the WORST rooms for getting ready. They typically stick you in a dimly lit, interior room, usually with zero windows and horrible artificial light. If you are getting married at a church and hope to get ready there, it’s worth asking about alternatives. If there aren’t any good options for rooms with natural light, it might be worth getting a hotel room. Remember, you are investing in great wedding photography. We’ll do our very best to make the very best wedding pictures we can with what we are given, but giving us the tools we need to make you beautiful wedding images helps tremendously. If getting ready for your wedding day in a beautiful hotel room isn’t an option, we’ll search out the best light wherever we are. We have literally had brides get dressed in foyers, hallways, and sanctuaries.

Indianapolis Brides Preparing for their wedding day

Details, Details

During the time we allot for getting ready, we will also plan to get images of your details. Having all of your details gathered and ready to go helps with this process. We will typically take pictures of the wedding dress, wedding rings, bridal shoes, jewelry, stationary, etc during this time.

Please have a wooden or other nice looking hanger for the dress. It’s the little things that make the difference for detail pictures. You don’t see dresses in magazines hanging on plastic hangers, so for the best dress shots possible, we’ll need a nice hanger for the dress.

Allow Enough Time

This one is pretty simple. While we don’t need a ton of time to create beautiful getting ready and detail images for you, we do need enough time. We’ll discuss the specifics as we create your wedding timeline, but allowing sufficient time for each area of the wedding day ensures that we have the space we need to comfortably capture the specialness of your wedding day without rushing.

Consider what You’ll be Wearing while you are Getting Ready

Robes for you and your girls, button-up shirts, or other well planned attire, is typically great. Just make sure you think through that detail of the wedding day because what you have on before you put on your dress will be in several pictures on your wedding day.

Have Fun

What other time in your life will you have such an entourage as while you prepare for your wedding day? Live it up! It’s your big day!


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