A Creative Bridesmaid Dress Alternative

Beautiful Lauren with jewelry from Rent the Runway.  Beautiful Lauren with jewelry from Rent the Runway.

When I was picking out the dresses that my bridesmaids would wear, one of the main qualifications was that I thought they were something they would wear again. I painstakingly picked out a style that I thought was flattering for everyone and didn’t scream, “I’M A BRIDESMAIDS DRESS!”

Guess how many have worn them again? …yep, pretty sure it’s zero.

Recently, we have seen a trend that I think is absolutely BRILLIANT! Do you know about Rent the Runway? If not, it’s a fabulous little piece of the internet where they have gorgeous designer dresses, gowns, and jewelry that you rent and return. Sound tacky? It’s not. It just makes sense. You aren’t going to wear the dress again anyway.

The first time I was with a group of girls at a wedding while they were getting ready and they kept talking about how they had extra sizes, I was so confused. What do you mean you have extra dresses and sizes? Yes! Rent the Runway automatically sends you an extra size, just in case you decided to run a couple extra miles a day since you placed your order. Or, what’s more probable in my case…had a few extra cookies or cinnamon rolls during the pre wedding festivities…oops…

Ok, so maybe you’re having trouble getting on the rented dress bandwagon.

We’ve also had some brides who have rented their jewelry from Rent the Runway as well.

What? Brilliant! If you don’t have heirloom jewelry, or something special you are planning to wear, why not go all out and wear something totally more awesome than you would wear in normal life. It’s your wedding day, you’re the star. Live it up!

Amy and her bridesmaids in their lovely dresses from Rent the Runway.  Amy and her bridesmaids in their lovely dresses from Rent the Runway.


I have to tell you that the link is an affiliate link which means that I receive a reward for each person who uses the link to buy something from Rent the Runway. The truth is, though, that is absolutely not the reason why I have created this blog post. I simply think this is a fabulous idea that I would like to pass on to you.

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