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Indianapolis is a city with a variety of choices in wedding venues for couples as they are looking for the perfect location to host their wedding day. Choosing a venue is often the first thing that a newly engaged couple wants to check of their list, and we actually recommend that. Choosing the perfect wedding venue sets the stage for the wedding day as well as solidifies the date. Because our dates are in such high demand, we can’t even book a couple until their venue is secured, because it has that much of an impact on the selection of the final wedding date.

Since there are so many different and wonderful wedding venues in Indianapolis, this will be the first in a series where we highlight a variety of styles and “flavors” of wedding venues as well as some of our favorite examples of each.

While there are a variety of historical wedding venues in Indianapolis, the trend of brick, post and beam, old warehouse, type wedding venues is so popular, it deserves it’s own post, so we’ll start there. Here is a rundown of three of our favorite Industrial Chic Wedding Venues in the Indianapolis area.


Canal 337 Indianapolis Wedding | www.ErikaBrownPhotography.comCANAL 337

I’ll start off with one of our favorite industrial chic wedding venues in Indianapolis, Canal 337. We love this venue for a couple of reasons. First, it’s location. While we really enjoy working at the other venues on this list, Canal 337’s location right on the White River Canal is hard to beat. Secondly, the charm and history of the building is hard to ignore. The post and beam detail, the brick walls, the deck overlooking the canal all add to the feel and uniqueness of this wedding venue and set the back drop for your wedding day. Canal 337 is managed by Thomas Caterers of Distinction, an experienced, professional company, so you are sure to be in good hands.

Like each of these venues, they are working with existing structures. With that comes a few challenges. I want to make this list as helpful as possible, and to do that, I need to discuss the cons along with why we love each of these wedding venues. For Canal 337 there are three main concerns. First, are the rooms where the bridal party is to get ready. They are located in the bottom floor with no windows, which is not ideal for lighting and pictures. They are also fairly small. So, if you are planning to get married at Canal 337, we recommend that you get ready at one of the fabulous hotels in the Indianapolis Downtown area and then travel to the venue for the wedding. This also allows us to add some variety to your wedding day pictures by stopping at photo locations along the way. Here is an example of a wedding where the bridal party got ready at the Omni Severin Hotel, we made a quick stop at the War Memorial, and then came to Canal 337 for the wedding. We were also able to utilize the canal area around Canal 337 throughout the day as well.

The Canal 337 venue is spread across two floors. Depending on your guest count, the wedding reception may need to be spread across two floors with dinner served on the lower floor and the top floor converted into a dance floor and used for the cake cutting. While this is actually a great way to get everyone up and moving/shake things up a bit after dinner, if you have a large number of guests with mobility challenges, this may be a concern. There is an elevator available. Also, parking is a bit of a concern as there are no good nearby, free parking options.

If you are looking for a fantastic, industrial chic wedding venue in the heart of Indianapolis, Canal 337 is definitely a fantastic choice for your wedding day!


Indianapolis Industrial Chic Christmas Wedding |


We really have a fond place in our hearts for The Mavris Arts and Event Center, we we find ourselves working weddings there quite often. The space and staff are fantastic, and it has a gorgeous, industrial chic style. The Mavris Arts and Event Center is independently owned and operated, so we really love working with their consistent, fantastic staff. We also love the variety of options available for customizing the space for your wedding day.

The Mavris Arts and Event Center is laid out across three floors. Your guests will enter through the lower level, Speakeasy area, of the venue. While there are a variety of options for how to use the venue for your wedding day, our favorite is when either the 3rd floor or the lawn of the 2nd floor is utilized for the ceremony. Since the lawn off of the 2nd floor is weather dependent, many couples opt for their ceremony on the 3rd floor. Immediately following the ceremony, your guests are able to seamlessly transition to the cocktail hour on the other half of the 3rd floor before going to the 2nd floor for dinner. While this does involve moving across 3 floors, they have a large, easy to use, elevator that responds pretty quickly, in addition to two sets of stairs, so guests are able to transition pretty easily.

The Mavris Arts and Events Center is another fabulous choice for your wedding day. We love the lawn area for pictures and the night time skyline is wonderful. Like all historical venues, there are some challenges. While we would love it if the rooms for the bridal party to get ready had natural light, they have done their best in the bridal suite to have nice lighting, and the room is quite large with a bathroom conveniently attached. Really, it’s one of the few bridal suites that doesn’t have natural light that I don’t have huge complaints about. The room for the guys is kind of a dark cave, but Austin does a good job of using other areas for the getting ready pictures.

Otherwise, parking is a bit of a challenge, as the parking lot is a little bit of a hike through a slightly creepy bridge. However, the parking is free during typical wedding hours. The options for outdoor pictures is a little limited, there are plenty of options near the Mavris as well, if you don’t want to travel. For this wedding, there was a crazy snow storm that popped up with a DEEP snow, so we stayed inside all day. As you can see, the interior is lovely enough that we can stay 100% inside, if you’d like. For nicer days, there are some green space options on the lawn as well as nearby, which we utilized for this wedding. Of course, we can always travel around downtown Indianapolis to utilize the beautiful locations throughout the city such as what we did for this winter wedding.


INDUSTRY | Indianapolis Industrial Wedding Venue


Industry is one of Indianapolis’ newest wedding venues. It has the charm of the brick, industrial chic style with the flexibility of allowing the couple to select their own vendors, including a caterer. So, if you have specific vendors in mind that you’d like to use, Industry may be a good option.

Industry is located in the shadows of Lucas Oil Stadium, in an industrial area. So, if you are searching for green space for your pictures, you’ll need to plan to travel another location for that. However, there are industrial type options around and inside the building.

Parking is easy at Industry. They have a large parking lot right outside the building.

There are options for the ceremony and the reception to both be held at Industry. They offer a great industrial chic backdrop for your wedding day.


Indianapolis Industrial Chic Wedding Venues


Canal 337, The Mavris Arts and Events Center, and Industry aren’t the only Industrial Chic Wedding Venues in Indianapolis. Some other options are the Biltwell Event CenterThe Milltop in Noblesville, The Tinker House Events &  Neidhammer.

No matter where you choose to host your Industrial Chic Wedding, Indianapolis has so many great options for your on several sides of the city.

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