3 Wedding Tips

For the Newly Engaged

Laurel Hall Indianapolis Wedding | www.ErikaBrownPhotography.comProfessionals in the wedding industry refer to the time between Christmas and Valentine’s Day as “Engagement Season” because so many proposals occur during that time. I love a great proposal! They are such a sweet moment and some of my favorite things to photograph!

Now that the excitement of the engagement has had time to settle in, do you know where to start with wedding planning? Often, couples are a little overwhelmed with the idea of all that goes into planning their dream wedding day. Don’t worry, though, we’re glad to help! Wedding planning is supposed to be a fun experience and we do our best to help our couples in the process.

So, to help you wrap your mind around where to begin, I’m going to outline typical first steps and the order of planning to help it all seem more manageable.

Step 1: Secure Your Venue(s)

Indianapolis Scottish Rite Cathedral Wedding | www.ErikaBrownPhotography.comThe first step in the wedding planning process should focus on securing your venue(s). If for no other reason, it determines the date of your big day.

Often, high-demand venues book popular dates up to two years in advance, so if your timeframe is shorter than that, you may be at the mercy of the venue’s availability. If you are set on a high-demand venue with a full calendar, consider off-peak days such as a Friday.

However, when considering the date, remember your guests as well. Will most of them travel from far away or are they local? If it is a Friday, many of them may have work conflicts, and this would traditionally put your rehearsal on a Thursday, which is something else to consider when thinking of the schedules of your family and bridal party.

Step 2: Secure Your Must-Have Vendors

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Our couples put a very high priority on the photography for their wedding day. So, we are often contacted as soon as the venue and date are finalized, and sometimes before. Quite often, the photographer comes second, but if you have some other must-have vendors for your wedding day, be sure to contact them as soon as possible

Every year, we, like many other photographers in the area, turn away more couples than we book due to our high demand calendar. So, never feel as though you are reaching out too early. We would hate for you to not be able to work with your dream team of vendors because they are already booked.

Step 3: Consult the Vendors You Have Booked

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You will find a sea of wedding vendors out there for everything you could possibly need for every aspect of your wedding day.

We always recommend speaking with your coordinator and venue for recommendations for other vendors on the wedding day. We also love recommending vendors that we love and even send a preferred vendor list directly to our couples.

Quality vendors will go a long way to make your wedding day run smoothly.

But most importantly, have fun and enjoy your wedding planning. It remains a unique time in your life. So, don’t get too caught up in it, and remember to stay positive while crafting a wedding day that is all your own.

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of your wedding day, or would like to inquire about our availability for wedding photography services, please contact us!

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