Atlanta Surprise Proposal in Piedmont Park | Bill + Katherine

I love proposals. I think they might be my favorite. What’s not to love? I get to play spy, capture a glorious memory, and meet awesome couples like Bill and Katherine.

Bill and Katherine are an online dating success story. They met through while Bill was a pilot in Minnesota and Katherine was in law school. As they said, it allowed them to meet when they never would have otherwise. Now, after a move across the country and settling into life in Atlanta, it was time to take the next step. Bill had everything planned out as he asked Katherine to marry him while on a stroll through Piedmont Park on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Enjoy a few pictures from that special moment. We wish them all the happienss as they begin planning their wedding!



Indianapolis Proposal Photographer | Erika Brown Photography

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  1. robbie anderson says:

    WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!! The Andersons are thrilled for you! What beautiful photographs and the ring is stunning! Anxious to hear all the stories from your parents. We’ve not met Bill, but he must be quite a guy to catch your heart. Enjoy every moment! Howard and Robbie