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Here is a list of some of our favorite vendors to help you have a seamless, stress free wedding day.
They are the best of the best. 

Bridal Shops: 

Wedding Planners: 

Men's Attire: 

Bridesmaid's Attire: 

Hair and Makeup Artists: 


Live Bands: 



Independent Caterer: 



Rental Companies: 

Travel Agency for your Honeymoon: 

Real Estate Agent: 

Cruise Planners | Mike & Jenifer Laver 
(They do everything, not just cruises)

We have struggled and thought HARD about this because, let's be honest, it's a complicated area.
When it comes down to it, though, I want to share great resources with you, and I know that many
engaged couples are buying and selling homes. If I ask myself, if I knew a great Real Estate Agent
that wasn't my husband, would I share their information, and the answer is YES, because I want to
serve my clients well and help with ALL aspects of life that comes with getting married. So, I will
just leave his information here as a service provider who I know will give you rock star service.

Wedding Venue(s): 

The venue(s) where your wedding will be held set the tone for your whole day. Because the date
is typically so dependent on the availability of your venue, we require that your venue is secured
before we can book you for our wedding photography services, due to the high demand of our own dates. 

However, I'd love to help point you in the direction of the perfect venue for you. Since there are
so many fantastic venues that we are familiar with, I couldn't begin to make a comprehensive list, 
but I'd love to hear your vision and point you in the right direction. 

I hope this list helps take some stress out of your planning! 
If you have any questions, or there is anything else I can do, please contact us.  

I do have to tell you that I do receive a very small commission from a couple of the larger, national companies on this list.
This does not influence my recommendations in any way.
If you find this list helpful, using those links is just a way that you can say thank you for providing this service.