We're Austin & Erika!

Wedding Photographers

calmers of nerves

expert dress attendants


emergency dress menders 

& We know how to tie a bow tie

read on for the rest...

We are so blessed to be one of the few dedicated teams of wedding photographers in the Indianapolis area. We've photographed nearly 150 weddings together, but are still excited for each new couple's love story and the unique details that make up your day!  

While we are a team, your experience working with us will mostly involve working with Erika. She is the one you will do all of your planning and communication with prior to the wedding as well as your image delivery and album design after to the wedding day. Austin will show up like a ninja on the wedding day, be a lot of fun, and make some great pictures for you. 

It wasn't long ago that I was in your shoes, planning and envisioning every perfect detail of our wedding day. So, I know how it feels to want everything to go perfectly, but also how stressful wedding planning can be. After photographing over 100 weddings, our years of experience as wedding photographers allows us to not only anticipate your needs but make your wedding photography experience stress-free and fun! You can count on us to be calm, patient, and prepared throughout your entire planning process. 

Yes, we have received awards for our work, including being named one of the BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS in Indianapolis, and our work can be seen in print magazines such as TheKnot's 50 States, 50 Weddings print feature. You can also see pictures of our fabulous couples filling blogs around the internet. We've photographed weddings for people that you may have heard of and a lot of weddings for wonderful people we are priviledged to have met. While we are so honored and humbled by all of that, it all wouldn't matter if we weren't serving our couples well. If we weren't giving you our best and bringing out the images that will touch your heart and tell your love story.

So, it's our reviews that mean the most to us. Love notes from real couples who will use the images we've created to tell their grandchildren about their wedding day. If you care to take a peek at what they have to say, we collect Google reviews, reviews on TheKnot, and reviews on WeddingWire.

40 years from now, you'll be telling your grandchildren about your wedding and our images will be the ones that will continue to tell the story of that fantastic day...
we are so honored.




I grew up riding horses and dreaming of riding down the center line for the USA Olympic dressage team. I even spent a couple of epic summers on horse farms in germany.

These days, though, If i get a moment to be on the back of a horse, it's purely for therapeutic reasons.

My first memories of taking "pictures" was with a toy camera that spit out "pictures" that "developed" when wet. 

One christmas, I received a real polaroid camera and was snapping pictures everywhere I went. (I have no idea how much my poor parents must have paid in film).

I recently stumbled across some gems taken with that camera, including my first wedding picture. I was 7 years old. 
Yep, this is the actual picture.  

I try to channel my
inner joanna gaines throughout our house.


I can pack my bags in record time for the next adventure! 

I've been to the 48 Contiguous united states and really need to check alaska and hawaii off my list!

Who wants us to photograph their wedding there? 

Most days you can find me in some version of comfy pants, hustling in my home office, with Hunter, the Labrador, snoring somewhere nearby.

He's moving slower these days, but has been my coworker since the beginning of Erika Brown Photography and still provides pretty solid moral support. 

I still love weddings. 

I love the stories. 

I love the people. 

....and I love all the little details.

Quick Facts

Erika Brown



I can cook anything

...as long as it's on the grill or a frozen pizza.

When I have some free time, You might find me
in a tree stand
in a bass boat
on a softball field or basketball court
on a golf course, playing cards, playing frisbee golf, 
or maybe I'll start a new hobby.

...Erika still doesn't understand how a person can have so many hobbies.

you never have to ask me twice to eat at a mexican 

When erika and I lived at purdue, we always sat at raymundo's table at our favorite mexican restaurant, and of course, he didn't even have to ask our order.

When he moved back to mexico, i got his number...and..,
we are still in contact.

I love finding new, great restaurants, and
how blessed am I to have such an amazing wife to 
be my perpetual date!

Fall is my favorite time of the year. 

it means shorts and a jacket weather, and most of all
hunting season!

when i'm not photographing weddings, 
I spend my days as a real estate agent. 

you might see my face on a sign around Indianapolis.

I love traveling! 

my favorite trip so far was a nearly month long tour of europe with Erika! 

Quick Facts

Austin Brown



Austin and I met in college when our church took a mission trip to Biloxi, Mississippi to help those who lost their homes to hurricane Katrina. 

After the trip, Austin would show up occasionally, eat our food and play cards. We were great friends, but that was about it. 

Photo credit: Kevin Monahan Photography (2008)

ready for us to tell your love story?

I'm always up for an adventure

One day, Austin got free tickets to see a movie through a promotion on campus. He asked if I wanted to go with him. I think my response was, "Sure, why not?"

That was the beginning of our friendship turning into a love story. It sure is sweet to marry your best friend. 

Once we knew, we just knew. 

We began officially dating in November. 

Austin proposed in March. 

We were married in August. 

Yep, that's how we roll. Why waste time?

Photo credit: Kevin Monahan Photography (2008)

We love to travel

We love to travel, find great restaurants, and just enjoy life. Ask Austin about the best steak he's ever had. He'd love to tell you the story. 

Our hobbies aren't the same, our love languages are opposites, and sometimes we just plain don't understand each other. 

It all works though, we're best friends and we know that a beautiful marriage is one of the most wonderful gifts that the Lord has given us, but a beautiful marriage is always hard work. 

5 years after we were married, we got new titles: mommy and daddy. It's the craziest most wonderful ride yet. 

Every day is an adventure. 

We love what we do and we are so honored to be entrusted to tell your love story! 

Our Love Story

We're getting a backstage pass to your love story.
It's only fair that you know a little about us.